Martians on Maui in the News:

Buzz Fowler from First String Promotions in Phoenix, AZ has agreed to help with European record label negotiations.  A few labels are under consideration for limited vinyl release in the EU.  More news in the coming weeks!

Premiered two new pieces of Industrial Chill-wave at the Skylark in West Seattle, to a very positive crowd, (I think the genre is called "Tech Noir" these days in European circles).  I'm planning on recording my next performances there in August, for a live CD planned for late-2014.

Fresh out of Debacle Fest in Seattle, Martians on Maui are stoked to release their latest CD this summer.  Expect something very experimental.  After Debacle Fest, I'm more enthusiastic than ever about pushing the envelope, and serving up some fresh tracks that really dive deep into electronic mayhem!

Had the honor and pleasure of playing two gigs with Jerome Teasley this week!  Jerome was voted into the Motown Hall of Fame in 2005, and currently resides in Phoenix, AZ.  His resume includes gigs with Junior Walker and the All-stars, Wilson Pickett, Ike and Tina Turner, and Jimi Hendrix, to name a few!

Moogfest in Asheville, NC was AMAZING!  It was a real pleasure meeting some of my favorite, albeit aging rock and pop icons - Keith Emerson, Nile Rodgers, Malcolm Cecil - and hear them perform at the live venues.  Also performing we're Kraftwerk (with their stunning 3D FX), the Pet Shop Boys, Bernie Worrell, Chic, and dozens of other up-and-coming artists that really pushed the boundaries of experimental music.  Our one-year goal: Perform at Moogfest 2015!

Martians on Maui has partnered with World Water and REVERB-NATION to donate 50% of their download sales to help bring safe drinking water to some of the most remote and inhospitable places on Earth.  Download their exclusive tracks HERE!

While Martians and co. are busy recording their next CD for Summer 2014 release, new tracks were added to the FREE TRACKS page on this site.  Check it out HERE!